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Top Five Pros of Installing Carpet in Your Hotel

Feb 22, 2021

Top Five Pros of Installing Carpet in Your Hotel

Deciding on the flooring type for your hotel can be overwhelming, to say the least. Furthermore, the introduction of LVT has only made the decision more difficult. In this article, we’ll discuss the top five pros of installing carpet in your hotel guest rooms and public spaces and why it is still the best choice in 2021.

1. Cost-Effective

Carpet is by far the least expensive and most cost-effective flooring option currently available on the market. With the hospitality industry reeling from COVID travel restrictions, installing carpet in your hotel is more appealing than ever.

In fact, our 32 oz. guest room carpet – which is warrantied for 10 commercial years – is nearly $9.00 per sq. yard less expensive than a 12 mil click LVT that is only warrantied for 5 commercial years. And while this specific LVT has an attached pad, you can order a 32 oz. synthetic fiber pad to install with your carpet and still be more than $7.00 cheaper per sq. yard.

Not to mention, depending on your location, the cost to install LVT can be nearly 3X more expensive than carpet. Without a doubt, carpet is your most budget-friendly option.

2. Quiet

A major benefit of installing carpet in your hotel is the sound dampening qualities. All things being equal, carpet is much better at deadening sound transmission in multi-floor properties than its hard surface counterparts.

A common practice with LVT is now to attach a foam pad directly to the backside; however, the STC rating of the foam applied directly from at factory is typically not ideal for hotels as they are designed to hit a price point. For better results, it’s worth investing in an additional sound-deadening underlayment like SoundShield, which of course adds to the costs.

Carpet and a 100% synthetic fiber padding installed together is undeniably the best combination to reduce sound transmission in your multi-floor hotel and going back to the cost-effectiveness, much less expensive to achieve than with hard surfaces like LVT or ceramic tile.

3. Versatility/Customizable

The decision to install carpet in your hotel doesn’t always depend on the price or its acoustical properties. Oftentimes, you must match existing color schemes, furniture and fixtures, and other unique circumstances in your guest rooms and public areas.

Hospitality carpet is available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, textures, and constructions depending on your needs and applications. Finding a patterned carpet that matches existing accent walls, bedding, drapery, and the overall theming of the property is a breeze.

In older properties, cost-prohibitive issues with the subfloor can cause installation issues with hard surfaces. In these instances, carpet is the best and only choice, as a perfectly level subfloor isn’t required to install carpet. It’s also easy and affordable to customize the width, roll sizes, and color combinations for each unique hotel. And unlike LVT which is imported, most carpet is manufactured in the USA, which provides a quick turnaround of custom orders.

4. Hides Dirt/Easy to Clean

Patterned carpet is installed in hotels because of its ability to hide dirt and stains. Unlike LVT and ceramic tile, grime and dust blend into the carpet fiber and is harder to see and feel when walking barefooted.

Hospitality carpet fiber technology has substantially improved in the past decade, and cleaning is now quicker and yields better results. Kinsley Carpet Mills utilizes 100% solution-dyed polyester fiber which is hydrophobic (water-resistant), inherently stain-resistant, and durable to heavy cleaning including bleach.

Manufacturers recommend vacuuming and spot cleaning carpet daily while on the other hand, they recommend vacuuming/sweeping and mopping LVT daily in hospitality settings. The extra step of mopping hard surfaces adds valuable time to housekeeping.

5. Comfort

Now more than ever before, hotels are striving for better reviews and that starts with guest comfort. The competition is fierce, and something as simple as soft carpet is a game-changer.

Don’t take our word for it; just look around. With the rise of LVT in guest rooms, hotels have been immediately installing rugs under the beds for increased comfort. Avoid this costly mistake, and install carpet in the guest rooms if increased comfort is your objective. However, installing LVT in kitchenettes, vanity areas, and pet-friendly rooms makes sense.

Additionally, carpeted areas are less prone to slips, easier on the joints, and less susceptible to cold or hot temperatures like hard surfaces. And unlike shaggy residential carpet, luggage and other wheeled items travel with ease over hospitality carpet.

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